December 8, 2018


Hard Drive Data Recovery
Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery

External Hard Drive Data Recovery
Solid State Drive Data Recovery
RAID, Server & NAS Data Recovery
Encryption Device Data Recovery

Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery | Computer Data Recovery for Desktop & PC Hard Drives

Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery Services from Damaged and Corrupt Computer hard drive’s.

We recover the data from Desktop hard drive failures as follows:

Clicking noises or grinding sound in the Disk
Blue screen of death BSD
Unresponsiveness & Non-responsive during Boot and after a start
Hard drive physical crash and mechanical failures
Electrical and Firmware problems with burnt PCB and electronics
Damages in read/write head assembly
Motor Failure Issues and RPM issues in the drive
Damage to the platter surfaces
Physical damage from fire or water damages

And Recovery from Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery Brands likes:

Asus DesktopLenovo Desktop
Apple iMac & MiniHP Desktop
Apple MacApple MacBook Air & Pro
Acer DesktopIntel Desktop
LG DesktopSeagate Desktop Hard Drives
Western Digital Desktop DrivesToshiba Desktop Drive recovery
Hitachi Desktop Drivesall other Brands of Desktop Drives

Operating System in Computer’s data recover:

Window 7 OS
Window Vista
Window XP
Windows 2003/2000
Windows NT
Window 95/98
Windows 8/10
Apple Macintosh OS
Linux like Ubuntu, Knoppix & other
UNIX, Novell